Friday, February 26, 2010

our daily PAC - there are no drugs for precision tally vs. mayweather talk -who's more credible?

the worlds greatest ever title holder manny pacquiao has been attacked time and time again for the use of substances. one of the harsh realities that come with the package of being on the top of everybody else in his class.

the problem is that number one, none of the accuser have come up with solid evidence. and number two, none of the accusers are credible enough for anyone to believe in.

lets break down the accusers.

the one that started it all is a man who got outwitted big time by the pacquiao camp. floyd mayweather sr. after a humiliating 2nd round defeat of his charge ricky hatton, master mayweather began his unfounded accusations that pacman is on ped's. its perfectly clear from the 24/7 sitcom. mayweather showboating on how superior he is over everyone else and ending up the loser and the butt of jokes. the world saw that in the end of the day floyd sr. was owned by freddie roach. FMS unwilling to face reality starts his campaign of malicious mumblings.

next to follow. the fruit that fell face down from the tree. floyd mayweather jr. totally shaking in fear and making all possible reasons to avoid a showdown with pacquiao the son joins his father. leveraging on what senior has started. little floyd jr. rides the ped train and attempts to bully the negotiations to successfully duck a slated march 13 bout. 

to complete the trinity of the father and the son. the holy uncle joins in. dropping the term a-side meth. a substance so strong that it made filipino soldiers bulletproof 500 years ago during a certain war. a statement that seals their family name in the annals of boxing as the most non-credible.

lets finish the p.e.d. debate once and for all. 

according to a tally. pacquiao has outlanded his last three opponents 633-227 in total punches. if we combine dela hoya, hatton and cotto's fight statistics, all three would still fall short against pacquiao. check out that stats here.

boxing p.e.d.'s are meant to make you bulk up, get stronger, last longer and more aggressive. pacquiao is precise, fast and a talented. he's hands down smaller than most of the guys in the welterweight division. so why is the mayweather family afraid of him? floyd jr. is the only one who ducked manny. the rest of the guys fought like real men.

if there is a drug that can make you a precise operator i wanna know what it is. 

then again. everyone else is more precise than the mayweathers.


links: tally on pac's punches

coach freddie roach owns floyd sr.

roger's a-side meth expose - the 500 year old pinoy secret

Thursday, February 25, 2010

our daily PAC

en route to 'the event' - pacquiao vs. clottey bout.  veteran coach lenny 'the locksmith' de jesus shares his thoughts on the failed mayweather/pacquiao match.

according to master de jesus, it has nothing to do the random blood testing.

"One thing is his precious undefeated record. Floyd doesn't want to lose that. Let me be blunt, I think he rejected a Manny fight because he wants to make sure he stays undefeated and because he's worried that he could get knocked out."

he then concludes his interview in a funny note: "I thank three people for Joshua getting this (March 13) bout against Manny, First, I thank Freddie Roach for taking the fight. Second, I thank Manny for taking the fight. Third, I've got to thank Mayweather for not taking the fight."


over at wildcard. people seem to be missing the point. filipino sensitivity at it's corniest as pac finishes his workouts. emotions and frustrations mount as the champ appears to have no interest in spending time with his fans waiting outside to see him. rants ranging from boo hoo i didn't get an autograph to i drove 6 hours to bring my kids to see him. he just came out for 30 seconds and he left. 

what are you people expecting? a song and dance number from manny pacquiao?

kabayans seem to be missing the point. manny isn't working out at wildcard to entertain you afterwards. no. absolutely not. he's training to win another championship. most of these fat and insensitive people have no idea what working out must be like. manny is 2 weeks away from a big fight. this is the second in a row that he is facing a major name in the welterweight division. you should be happy enough to be within the compound. considering the coach and pac have made strict rules about visiting the gym to be executed by chief bodyguard rob peters. it's easy to whine if you're not the one getting battered to defend the welterweight belt.

please. let the champ prepare. go back to wildcard after the fight.

phoenix rising

its february 25th. a day that used to be celebrated by many. february 25, 1986 e.d.s.a. people power revolution. when the marcoses were ousted from malacaƱang palace.

i say celebrated by many. not me. 

i say used to be celebrated by many. nowadays. tsk tsk.

i am a child of the marcos era. being a school kid in those days was unlike anything that we have now. nationalism was high. patriotism was fueled. education had a program. students in public schools had food suppliments. there was a working food and nutrition research. people spoke their native toungue with pride and everyone was striving to be industrious. during those days i remember our fellow asians flying to manila to study here. because education here back then was top notch. our agriculture techniques was the foundation shared to developing countries of this region. and don't let me start about our art and film industry. i could go on raving for hours. but to put it simple. we were proud. it was not a perfect world. but we were gosh darn proud.

it all came crumbling down this very day. when this country began to deteriorate to what it is now. raped and pillaged by the very people who swear to protect and nurture her. i hate talking politics. because i am not really good in the subject matter. but to bitch about 'galunggong' in your campaign and then drag the whole country to even worse hunger. i dont even want to talk about think about corruption that followed. 

today i start following bongbong marcos. 

the gentleman from ilocos norte has made himself visible. and i find it admirable for him to have his presence felt. his bold views on the failure of e.d.s.a. 1 to uplift the people's standrad of living.

"Bigo ang Edsa 1! Lumala lamang ang kahirapan at hindi nagawang linisin sa katiwalian ang burukrasya ng pamahalaan. At nasaan na ang mga batayang serbisyo para sa mamamayang Pilipino?" he said in todays article in yahoo news.

mr. marcos is bang on. if this were boxing he would have scored a KO. the point of the matter is. e.d.s.a. 1 failed to deliver.

i hate to compare at this point. but he is in the other end of the spectrum from the goofy aquino spawn. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sugar on floyd

“i don’t know if he’s a coward or not but what i know for this fight? he was forced to fight me. aside from manny, this is the only big money for him out there. if he’s afraid to fight manny i’m not,”­­­―sugar shane mosley on why floyd mayweather jr. won't fight pacquiao (from an interview by anthony “duljoman” andales of

the event trailer

worlds greatest ever released its WORLDS GREATEST BOXER lineup.

proud to say that our pinoy idol has been voted as
2nd worlds greatest ever boxer. squeezing him between top dog sugar ray robinson and worlds greatest ever heavyweight muhammad ali.

pac also bagged the
world's greatest ever featherweight title.

another feather in his credible cap.

check out the list.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Filipino, Kabayan, Pacquiao

while doing roughly 600lb leg presses in karama, dubai...

...a russian fellow comes up to me and asks me if i am a
kabayan (filipino word for countryman). i answered yes. and he starts saying all of you kabayans always looking for punishment? not that he was looking for trouble or anything. but he is impressed that me being one of the smallest guys in the gym is lifting more than most of the huge burly natives. the conversation continues. turns out that he is a boxing fanatic and a huge fan of pacman. 'i've seen this man take a hard hit right smack in the face'. how come he's not affected? what are you filipinos hiding from us?

while doing 262lb olympic full squats in the same gym...

...a larger indian guy (obviously a bodybuilder since he did have a massive upper body but skinny legs) was pointing out that he can easily do the same squats i am loading. with a friendly snicker from his indian posse he tells my spotter that he would like to load my last set to demonstrate that he is logically
capable of doing what a smaller guy like me can do. he positions under the bar. mounts the barbell to the standing position. begins to bend his knees and lower his hips to match my below parallel form. as he tries to return to the upright position to complete the lift...

massive fail.

he needed three guys to remove him from his predicament. the gathered crowd around us mumbles. kabayan pacquiao (as i was instantly tagged) lifts more than big guy. a handshake later and i have won me a new friend.

top three words i am addressed with when i'm overseas: filipino, kabayan, pacquiao.

being a filipino in a foreign city used to be a bit of an unnerving experience for me then. i was not confident and had so much hesitation. cue the baseline from 'the doors' 'people are strange' starting when you walk the streets in the morning to work. and thats really the way it was. like actually living that song till the end of the day. 

but there is a new anthem playing nowadays. be it overseas or at the home-front. kinda like the 'bagong lipunan' anthem they used to play in the school yard when i was a kid. it's a catchy marching song telling all the pinoys to run out into the streets and wave their flags high. filipinos abroad being able to identify each not just with their trademark smiles. but as an embedded corespondent describes it as a public display of the colors and symbols of our race. which is apparently contagious. spreading even to non-filipinos. 

it's a new reckoning of our nationalism. and its being triggered by the speed, smarts and strength of one of our countries finest sons. our boys are standing up to represent. and the world stops to watch.

suddenly the world associates us with strength and honor.

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