Monday, April 19, 2010

Edwin Valero Commits Suicide

Edwin Valero was found by a fellow inmate having tied his own sweat pants to a bar of his cell and hanged himself. Valero showed signs of life but authorities were unable to revive him. He was arrested just hours earlier after he confessed to hotel staff in Valencia, Venezuela that he had killed his wife.

Edwin Valero has been struggling for some time from a streak of violence and alcohol related problems. Valero had a boxing career record of 27-0. All knockouts 19 of which ending on the first round.

Below is a video of Edwin Valero greeting filipinos 'Mabuhay' and asking for support for his fights. Valero was able to visit the Philippines during Pacquiao's 30th birthday celebration.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Edwin Valero Arrested For Wife's Murder

We wanted to see you beat another boxer.
Edwin Valero stabs his wife and mother of his two children to death and admits to hotel security that he had killed her. He was arrested by the Venezuelan Federal Police. This is the latest in a trail of mishaps that Valero has been involved with. Last month he was cursing and threatening hospital staff while his wife was being treated due to a collapsed lung and brusing in her body.

Edwin Valero was being eyed as a possible opponent for Manny Pacquiao.
Credit: REUTERS/Notitarde/Edsau
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