Sunday, December 18, 2011

Will Fight Floyd for Less

"I will take less money than Mayweather gets because the important thing is making the fight happen". -Pacquiao in an interview with Nick Giongco of the Manila Bulletin

Will this be enough or will Floyd still be a vag and make new accusations?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pacquiao's Love Child

It's all official now folks. Somebody is now a proud owner of a Hermes bag. Joanna Bocosa

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a government of the hoodlums, by the hoodlums, for the hoodlums

Vader died in Episode VI
In other news... Last weekends brouhaha loaded with warrants of arrest for the arroyo couple keeps unfurling like a badly written telenovela. Starting with ex-president Estrada statements hinting on life and karma like situations. A phalanx of police forces surrounding Saint Lukes Hospital in Taguig. Lame excuses to leave the country. Rumors of asylum from countries like Portugal. Excuses to find treatment abroad. Overnight meetings to come up with arresting documents. Technical bullcrap on law and process fired from both the government and arroyo camps. It's too tiring. People can see the obvious.

What is the Arroyo camp trying to say? Just because you're wearing neck brace the Filipino people will forget your legacy of corruption. Your bad acting never saved you before. It only tends to annoy the public.

During her own[Arroyo's] mis-administration. There were some 6000 hold departure orders and watch list orders. The actual DoJ Department Circular 41 which kept her in the country was issued during her regime. How come all of a sudden the arroyos are crying foul when the same law is applied to them?

Today's issues revolves around the mugshots of the former president being leaked to the media and to an online mugshot gallery. Which was requested by the former not to be made public. Can you believe that? A person can actually ask not to have their mugshot made public. What the fuck is that all about? Did she give Estrada the same option? How come the law does not apply to her? People are arguing that the mugshots should be published since the case will be the People of the Philippines versus Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It should be as simple as that.

If you happened to notice. We've been heading to nowhere after the Marcos era. Two Aquino's later and were still a country run by thieves and hoodlums.

We are a country where two consecutive presidents have graft and plunder cases. Hows that for world opinion? This is a  government of the hoodlums, by the hoodlums, for the hoodlums. It was never really about the people.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Manny Knows - HE LOST!

Pacquiao Knows [He Lost] - Harry How/Getty Images

Yahoo has recently updated it's rankings placing Manny Pacquiao well below Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Taking only 15 of 44 first-place votes against Mayweather's 29 of 44 first-place votes. This following last weeks questionable performance against Mexican pride Juan Manuel Marquez. I just happened to browse over to and saw they haven't updated their rankings yet.

"Di ko alam saan lumabas yan. Siguro sa ibang tao na siguro hindi dugong Pinoy ang nag-isip ng ganyan." Pacquiao who's logic is still obviously still overwhelmed by his 'surprising' victory did not make any sense in this comment during a press conference at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The Filipino front would argue that a win is a win. That Marquez is a dirty foot stomping bastard. And there are video captures snapshots of him doing it. He'll yeah! I had to keep away from facebook for 3 days just to stay away from that shizz! And Roach even had a snaphot of the compubox records showing Pacquiao outboxing Marquez. But why won't you snapshot the faces of Manny and Jinky during the decision? They know they were in trouble and Manny knows he didn't perform well.

Like I said a couple of years back. Pacquiao needs to lose the extra baggage. He does not need to be a politician now. He can run for office after he retires (or gets floored by Floyd Mayweather Jr.). Team Pacquiao does not need an 800-man entourage.  They need to lose the clutter. To many clowns running around causing distractions and confusion. This is not a Pacquiao bashing session. This is a wake up call.

Wake up man!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pacquiao's Performance Comes Into Question

Is it the rockstar syndrome? Is it the politics at home? Or the effects of a Hermes bag hitting you in the head every time a starlet gets pregnant? Today's headlines should be warning enough for you. You're walking the edge. You have too much people bullshitting you. Its time to clear your cabinet and lose the clutter.

Next thing you know you're face is down the canvas being counted at.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dela Hoya, Holyfield meets Pacquiao - Pinoy Reporter Acts Like A Retard

Another WTF moment in the life of boxing champ Evander Holyfield as he survives one round with a pinoy reporter named Diane 'Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Show us the ear! Show us the ear!' Castillejo.

Other highlights of the interview includes the ever predictable: 'what can you say about manny pacquiao?', 'you're still in the gym? you still work out? nice good' and eherm 'may I see your ear?'. Get over the ear already. Gah!

And one other thing. Whats the fetish with asking two people 'what would you like to tell him?' or 'what can you say about him?' when they're seated right next to each other? Watdapak?

There's a big difference between being smug and being proud. Creds to Mr. Dela Hoya for being such a sport and enduring the interview for a 12 year olds slumbook.
One more time: 'Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Show us the ear! Show us the ear!'

Thursday, October 20, 2011

HBO's Ring Life series. This episode focusing on the life of Manny Pacquiao.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Is Pacquiao Next For Floyd?

Yes & No. Meaning.

Yes Floyd was quoted on the his last fights presser saying 'Pacquiao is next'.

And no. As an irritated version of him later on denies he 'said that at all'.

The issue would have been resolved if he told the reporters that he was talking about Bobby Pacquiao when he said 'yes, Pacquiao youre next'.

Then again it makes you wonder about this mans integrity. This video documentation screams out his insecurity and self-conflict. How his voice cracks when he's talking about Manny Pacquiao. And his facial expression loses anxiousness as if it's his execution day.

A boxer that's constantly bickering instead of being a contender shows obvious signs of fear.

Floyd vs. Ortiz vs. Merchant

You've Gotta Give Him Some Shakes Larry.
All she wrote was 'protect yourself at all times'. That's was Floyd Mayweather's defense against allegations on a controversial finish to yesterdays bout against Victor 'The Headsmasher' Ortiz. The fight was so controversial that it gained another post fight criticism from HBO commentator Larry '50 Years Younger' Merchant. Which eventually led to a verbal exchange that felt like a script from WWE.

Money May has always been keen fighting to clean-up the sport of boxing. The fourth round of the match showed otherwise. A clean fighter wouldn't sucker punch his opponent like that. For a boy who fancies himself alongside Malcolm X and Martin Luther King he sure has a lot of issues. I doubt that any of those two icons would agree to be associated with him.


Floyd was right when he said "all she* wrote was 'protect yourself at all times'". But he forgot the footnote she also wrote: "Let's have a clean fight". 
*Then again who the hell is Floyd referring to as 'she' who wrote 'what'? Is he talking about the goddess of boxing or the statue of liberty? What are they snorting at Mayweather camp nowadays? Or is this the Mayweather gene at work here?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Manny Many Prizes and its many, many glitches!

It was the premiere live episode of Manny Pacquiao newest gameshow on Philippine Television- Manny Many Prizes. Here the boxing legend plays Godfather to the hopeless by giving out a slew of prizes to those with the most miserable sob stories. Hell yeah, on Philippine TV, there is always room for another Willie Revillame sans the sleaze. This time the pinoys got a champ!

Much like the Price is Right, "Manny Many Prizes" get their contestants from the studio audience.

Although mired by numerous technical problems, it was local actor Paolo Contis who tried to save the show by screaming himself hoarse between bits of audio mic problems, dead air, missed cues and sheer awkwardness when Manny Pacquiao goes hosting solo. Often than not, Manny and the contestant would just stand there on stage waiting for cues on what to say or do next.

At one point, the audience goes into Fight Night mode over one of the games. Hysteria ensues over this ridiculous giant boxing glove, whoever gets hold of the damned thing when the music stops gets to be in the final round with Manny. The final round meant getting the ultimate prize. The whole scene on TV went on for a minute or so, it was almost reminiscent of a stampede (ghosts of Wowowee in the works here) or the Jerry Springer show. You have two or three women fighting over a giant glove, elbowing 3-4 security personnel in lime green shirts. With no one giving up the goddamn boxing glove, the hosts lose control over the show, the camera zooms in on the escalating audience brawl. Then finally, the producer finally realizes how God awful this must be on TV. What a better time to quote Marius Corpus on this, the whole scene was " throwing a small slice of meat to a hungry pack of wolves." 

I just wish Manny just really took the initiative Godfather-style, I was waiting for him to leave the stage and slap some sense of decency into these people. Producer then cuts to commercial and the show returns with Manny giving a spiel about safety and stampedes. Music blares and the party continues, the hosts get some really desperate people dancing for money.
The night's obvious set-up was getting this really old man to wet his pants, well after winning the grand prize of a house-and-lot, it seemed like the grandpa was almost having a stroke and shitting his knickers. Well, the luck of his life, he choose the wrong prize box at first, yet still Manny just generously gives the house-and-lot anyway and the audience erupts in cheers. Manny the Ninong delivers. Everyone goes home happy, the rest of audience can revel with their promised loot bags for sitting through this poorly organized game show. Manny Pacquiao, peddler of dreams and godfather to the nation's poor, can finally breathe a sigh of relief until next week's episode.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Re-upped this classic Floyd Wetherton cartoon. According to Family Guy Wiki:

Floyd Wetherton is a special commentator in Lois Griffin's boxing match with Deirdre Jackson in "Baby, You Knock Me Out". Floyd shows signs of brain damage and has very visible permanent disfigurement from his past experience as a boxer, giving nonsense answers to Tom Tucker's questions.

He is presumably named after real-life boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is a currently an undefeated boxer.

Family Guy is created by Seth Mac Farlane and owned by the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pacquiao for HP Veer

Manny 'pacman' Pacquiao promoting HP Veer. Another day, another major endorsement. Somebody must be fuming jealous right now. How can this major tech company go for a brown midget?

'Because little guys can Pac a punch'.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Once Again Floyd Wiggles Out

Floyd Mayweather Jr. tries to shock the world with his illogical demands. And fails. A couple of hours ago there was a press release of Bob Arum revealing that Floyd was demanding for $100M.

In my opinion. Floyd should have just stuck with his steroid excuses. This move is just too obvious. He's keeping away from Pacquiao. Oh dear. Has everybody forgotten that Flod 'RETIRED' himself already?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Halfwits and Wannabe's

The past 7 days has been headlining with morons.

Money and fame can't buy intellect. You may be raking in millions with your rap albums and huge following. You may have been knocking out opponents in a style that launches your fame. But once your stupidity gets exposed. You'll be sporting that capital 'L' on your forehead for quite some time.

Rapper/fluffer extraordinaire Fiddy snuggles tight to his man-boy. Shows the world how thug he is by launching social network attacks on Pac. Wow. That's so gangsta'. In typical internet tough guy fashion. He makes unproven drug allegations. Can't go wrong if you lived the drug life yourself. Selling crack as a kid and using steroids for the rest of your life. Just wait ti'll you hear his genius banter about boxing stats. Good lord. Reality is that he want's a make money of that Pacquiao magic. I couldn't blame him.

WBO/WBC Bantam kingpin Ngongito Donaire-head may have delivered a spectacular monster left that sent Fernando Montiel squirming on the floor. But once he started bragging about how mediamen should watch out for his self titled 'sonic boom punch' that won him the championships. He suddenly looked smaller to me. How old is he? 12? If it's too much to ask. Why the 'effing' hell would a boxer go to 'The Buzz' to project and emote on the drama between him and his family? And why the fuck to you like making that sad face on TV? Flip a coin. He's now blaming sportswriters.

Both dudes have fame and money. Both are headliners on the top of their game. But once they start talking they are reduced to clowns in the eye of the public.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nonito Donaire KO's Fernando Montiel

Nonito Donaire landing a monster left hook to the head of Fernando Montiel sending him twitching in the canvass. The champion absorbed the full blow of the power punch to give the challenger Donaire the WBC and WBO bantamweight champion belts.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The True Story of Manny Pacquiao

What's the secret behind Manny's rise to power? Vinegar babieee!

Here's a tv spot being show in Manila at the moment. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Floyd Mayweather is Showing Signs Similar to Edwin Valero

Photo courtesy of
Floyd Mayweather continues to accuse Manny Pacquiao of using 'power pellets'. 

Speaking of Juicing.

A couple of months back.  A boxer with an unblemished record was accused of beating the mother of his children,  assault, causing trouble in traffic and harassing people of authority.  After being issued a restraining order and agreeing to attend anger management rehabilitation,  he tried to bribe his was back to his family only to loop back into his violent self. This being but one on a long series of violent displays against people around him.

Let’s run them down again. 
  • Domestic violence
  • Traffic mishaps
  • Assault
  • Harassment

Eventually he stabs his wife three times in the body and kills her. Then he commits suicide inside his jail cell. No I wasn’t writing about Floyd yet. But do you get the picture?

Similar? Yes? Assaults the mother of his children in September 2010. Tries to force another vehicle off the road on November 2010. Jabs his finger on a rent-a-cops face on December 2010 and confronts a security guard in the same month. Again.
  • Domestic violence
  • Traffic mishaps
  • Assault
  • Harassment

Fact of the matter is that the first boxer was found to have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

Obviously theres something behind the violence, the stalling and the distracting accusations against Pacquiao. Floyd suddenly retired from boxing and has not been fighting since May 2010. What is he hiding? Is somebody going to get murdered before we find out the truth?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Will the Real Floyd Weatherton Please Stand Up?

"Man, the only thing Freddie Roach can do better than me is wash my car." -Floyd Weatherton in an interview by Percy Crawford of FIGHTHYPE

It's really not the same when Floyd Weatherton is not around. I mean. During the time that he was laying low and was ill. It was just plain boredom. Without his whimsical quotes and poetic mouth flappery things are just not as fun in the boxing world. Recently Floyd Weatherton came up with brand new quotes for all his fans. This during an interview with fighthype regarding BJ Penn's training with him.

Aw man. I feel bad that youtube pulled down the Floyd Weatherton vids.

UPDATE: Video has been re-uploaded at:

Pacquiao @TV Commercial While Neighbors Want Mayweather Out

After those nike ads. Manny Pacquiao drops in another television commercial. This time for a casino.

Worlds Greatest Poker Player - Manny Pacquiao
Worlds Champion of Buffet Eating - Manny Pacquiao
Worlds Luckiest Slot Playing Guy - Manny Pacquiao

Pac's funny mug all throughout this tvc.

This after all that hoopla on Kevin Iole's ranting against Manny's achievements over the weekend @yahoo sports. Which I find to be rather silly and another attention catching scheme. What more can people ask for. Manny is fighting guys taller and heavier than him. And were not just talking guys here. Were talking about well trained professional fighters being obliterated by a guy Floyd Mayweather calls a 'little Filipino midget'.

They can talk all they want. While many holds on to his 'World Buffet Championship' title.

On the other side of the fence... Here's what the neighbors of Floyd Mayweather wants. After a never ending series of public disturbances inside of the gated community. The Homeowners Association of Southern Highlands Golf Club want him KTFO'd.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Floyd Mayweather K.O.'s Josie Harris

TMZ acquired this security cctv footage Floyd's baby momma Josie Harris being taken via stretcher from their gated community's security post to a squad car following assault allegations.
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