Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Will the Real Floyd Weatherton Please Stand Up?

"Man, the only thing Freddie Roach can do better than me is wash my car." -Floyd Weatherton in an interview by Percy Crawford of FIGHTHYPE

It's really not the same when Floyd Weatherton is not around. I mean. During the time that he was laying low and was ill. It was just plain boredom. Without his whimsical quotes and poetic mouth flappery things are just not as fun in the boxing world. Recently Floyd Weatherton came up with brand new quotes for all his fans. This during an interview with fighthype regarding BJ Penn's training with him.

Aw man. I feel bad that youtube pulled down the Floyd Weatherton vids.

UPDATE: Video has been re-uploaded at:

Pacquiao @TV Commercial While Neighbors Want Mayweather Out

After those nike ads. Manny Pacquiao drops in another television commercial. This time for a casino.

Worlds Greatest Poker Player - Manny Pacquiao
Worlds Champion of Buffet Eating - Manny Pacquiao
Worlds Luckiest Slot Playing Guy - Manny Pacquiao

Pac's funny mug all throughout this tvc.

This after all that hoopla on Kevin Iole's ranting against Manny's achievements over the weekend @yahoo sports. Which I find to be rather silly and another attention catching scheme. What more can people ask for. Manny is fighting guys taller and heavier than him. And were not just talking guys here. Were talking about well trained professional fighters being obliterated by a guy Floyd Mayweather calls a 'little Filipino midget'.

They can talk all they want. While many holds on to his 'World Buffet Championship' title.

On the other side of the fence... Here's what the neighbors of Floyd Mayweather wants. After a never ending series of public disturbances inside of the gated community. The Homeowners Association of Southern Highlands Golf Club want him KTFO'd.

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