Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Halfwits and Wannabe's

The past 7 days has been headlining with morons.

Money and fame can't buy intellect. You may be raking in millions with your rap albums and huge following. You may have been knocking out opponents in a style that launches your fame. But once your stupidity gets exposed. You'll be sporting that capital 'L' on your forehead for quite some time.

Rapper/fluffer extraordinaire Fiddy snuggles tight to his man-boy. Shows the world how thug he is by launching social network attacks on Pac. Wow. That's so gangsta'. In typical internet tough guy fashion. He makes unproven drug allegations. Can't go wrong if you lived the drug life yourself. Selling crack as a kid and using steroids for the rest of your life. Just wait ti'll you hear his genius banter about boxing stats. Good lord. Reality is that he want's a make money of that Pacquiao magic. I couldn't blame him.

WBO/WBC Bantam kingpin Ngongito Donaire-head may have delivered a spectacular monster left that sent Fernando Montiel squirming on the floor. But once he started bragging about how mediamen should watch out for his self titled 'sonic boom punch' that won him the championships. He suddenly looked smaller to me. How old is he? 12? If it's too much to ask. Why the 'effing' hell would a boxer go to 'The Buzz' to project and emote on the drama between him and his family? And why the fuck to you like making that sad face on TV? Flip a coin. He's now blaming sportswriters.

Both dudes have fame and money. Both are headliners on the top of their game. But once they start talking they are reduced to clowns in the eye of the public.
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