Saturday, July 16, 2011

Manny Many Prizes and its many, many glitches!

It was the premiere live episode of Manny Pacquiao newest gameshow on Philippine Television- Manny Many Prizes. Here the boxing legend plays Godfather to the hopeless by giving out a slew of prizes to those with the most miserable sob stories. Hell yeah, on Philippine TV, there is always room for another Willie Revillame sans the sleaze. This time the pinoys got a champ!

Much like the Price is Right, "Manny Many Prizes" get their contestants from the studio audience.

Although mired by numerous technical problems, it was local actor Paolo Contis who tried to save the show by screaming himself hoarse between bits of audio mic problems, dead air, missed cues and sheer awkwardness when Manny Pacquiao goes hosting solo. Often than not, Manny and the contestant would just stand there on stage waiting for cues on what to say or do next.

At one point, the audience goes into Fight Night mode over one of the games. Hysteria ensues over this ridiculous giant boxing glove, whoever gets hold of the damned thing when the music stops gets to be in the final round with Manny. The final round meant getting the ultimate prize. The whole scene on TV went on for a minute or so, it was almost reminiscent of a stampede (ghosts of Wowowee in the works here) or the Jerry Springer show. You have two or three women fighting over a giant glove, elbowing 3-4 security personnel in lime green shirts. With no one giving up the goddamn boxing glove, the hosts lose control over the show, the camera zooms in on the escalating audience brawl. Then finally, the producer finally realizes how God awful this must be on TV. What a better time to quote Marius Corpus on this, the whole scene was " throwing a small slice of meat to a hungry pack of wolves." 

I just wish Manny just really took the initiative Godfather-style, I was waiting for him to leave the stage and slap some sense of decency into these people. Producer then cuts to commercial and the show returns with Manny giving a spiel about safety and stampedes. Music blares and the party continues, the hosts get some really desperate people dancing for money.
The night's obvious set-up was getting this really old man to wet his pants, well after winning the grand prize of a house-and-lot, it seemed like the grandpa was almost having a stroke and shitting his knickers. Well, the luck of his life, he choose the wrong prize box at first, yet still Manny just generously gives the house-and-lot anyway and the audience erupts in cheers. Manny the Ninong delivers. Everyone goes home happy, the rest of audience can revel with their promised loot bags for sitting through this poorly organized game show. Manny Pacquiao, peddler of dreams and godfather to the nation's poor, can finally breathe a sigh of relief until next week's episode.
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