Monday, September 19, 2011

Is Pacquiao Next For Floyd?

Yes & No. Meaning.

Yes Floyd was quoted on the his last fights presser saying 'Pacquiao is next'.

And no. As an irritated version of him later on denies he 'said that at all'.

The issue would have been resolved if he told the reporters that he was talking about Bobby Pacquiao when he said 'yes, Pacquiao youre next'.

Then again it makes you wonder about this mans integrity. This video documentation screams out his insecurity and self-conflict. How his voice cracks when he's talking about Manny Pacquiao. And his facial expression loses anxiousness as if it's his execution day.

A boxer that's constantly bickering instead of being a contender shows obvious signs of fear.

Floyd vs. Ortiz vs. Merchant

You've Gotta Give Him Some Shakes Larry.
All she wrote was 'protect yourself at all times'. That's was Floyd Mayweather's defense against allegations on a controversial finish to yesterdays bout against Victor 'The Headsmasher' Ortiz. The fight was so controversial that it gained another post fight criticism from HBO commentator Larry '50 Years Younger' Merchant. Which eventually led to a verbal exchange that felt like a script from WWE.

Money May has always been keen fighting to clean-up the sport of boxing. The fourth round of the match showed otherwise. A clean fighter wouldn't sucker punch his opponent like that. For a boy who fancies himself alongside Malcolm X and Martin Luther King he sure has a lot of issues. I doubt that any of those two icons would agree to be associated with him.


Floyd was right when he said "all she* wrote was 'protect yourself at all times'". But he forgot the footnote she also wrote: "Let's have a clean fight". 
*Then again who the hell is Floyd referring to as 'she' who wrote 'what'? Is he talking about the goddess of boxing or the statue of liberty? What are they snorting at Mayweather camp nowadays? Or is this the Mayweather gene at work here?
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