Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pacquiao's Performance Comes Into Question

Is it the rockstar syndrome? Is it the politics at home? Or the effects of a Hermes bag hitting you in the head every time a starlet gets pregnant? Today's headlines should be warning enough for you. You're walking the edge. You have too much people bullshitting you. Its time to clear your cabinet and lose the clutter.

Next thing you know you're face is down the canvas being counted at.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dela Hoya, Holyfield meets Pacquiao - Pinoy Reporter Acts Like A Retard

Another WTF moment in the life of boxing champ Evander Holyfield as he survives one round with a pinoy reporter named Diane 'Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Show us the ear! Show us the ear!' Castillejo.

Other highlights of the interview includes the ever predictable: 'what can you say about manny pacquiao?', 'you're still in the gym? you still work out? nice good' and eherm 'may I see your ear?'. Get over the ear already. Gah!

And one other thing. Whats the fetish with asking two people 'what would you like to tell him?' or 'what can you say about him?' when they're seated right next to each other? Watdapak?

There's a big difference between being smug and being proud. Creds to Mr. Dela Hoya for being such a sport and enduring the interview for a 12 year olds slumbook.
One more time: 'Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Show us the ear! Show us the ear!'
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