Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a government of the hoodlums, by the hoodlums, for the hoodlums

Vader died in Episode VI
In other news... Last weekends brouhaha loaded with warrants of arrest for the arroyo couple keeps unfurling like a badly written telenovela. Starting with ex-president Estrada statements hinting on life and karma like situations. A phalanx of police forces surrounding Saint Lukes Hospital in Taguig. Lame excuses to leave the country. Rumors of asylum from countries like Portugal. Excuses to find treatment abroad. Overnight meetings to come up with arresting documents. Technical bullcrap on law and process fired from both the government and arroyo camps. It's too tiring. People can see the obvious.

What is the Arroyo camp trying to say? Just because you're wearing neck brace the Filipino people will forget your legacy of corruption. Your bad acting never saved you before. It only tends to annoy the public.

During her own[Arroyo's] mis-administration. There were some 6000 hold departure orders and watch list orders. The actual DoJ Department Circular 41 which kept her in the country was issued during her regime. How come all of a sudden the arroyos are crying foul when the same law is applied to them?

Today's issues revolves around the mugshots of the former president being leaked to the media and to an online mugshot gallery. Which was requested by the former not to be made public. Can you believe that? A person can actually ask not to have their mugshot made public. What the fuck is that all about? Did she give Estrada the same option? How come the law does not apply to her? People are arguing that the mugshots should be published since the case will be the People of the Philippines versus Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It should be as simple as that.

If you happened to notice. We've been heading to nowhere after the Marcos era. Two Aquino's later and were still a country run by thieves and hoodlums.

We are a country where two consecutive presidents have graft and plunder cases. Hows that for world opinion? This is a  government of the hoodlums, by the hoodlums, for the hoodlums. It was never really about the people.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Manny Knows - HE LOST!

Pacquiao Knows [He Lost] - Harry How/Getty Images

Yahoo has recently updated it's rankings placing Manny Pacquiao well below Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Taking only 15 of 44 first-place votes against Mayweather's 29 of 44 first-place votes. This following last weeks questionable performance against Mexican pride Juan Manuel Marquez. I just happened to browse over to boxrec.com and saw they haven't updated their rankings yet.

"Di ko alam saan lumabas yan. Siguro sa ibang tao na siguro hindi dugong Pinoy ang nag-isip ng ganyan." Pacquiao who's logic is still obviously still overwhelmed by his 'surprising' victory did not make any sense in this comment during a press conference at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The Filipino front would argue that a win is a win. That Marquez is a dirty foot stomping bastard. And there are video captures snapshots of him doing it. He'll yeah! I had to keep away from facebook for 3 days just to stay away from that shizz! And Roach even had a snaphot of the compubox records showing Pacquiao outboxing Marquez. But why won't you snapshot the faces of Manny and Jinky during the decision? They know they were in trouble and Manny knows he didn't perform well.

Like I said a couple of years back. Pacquiao needs to lose the extra baggage. He does not need to be a politician now. He can run for office after he retires (or gets floored by Floyd Mayweather Jr.). Team Pacquiao does not need an 800-man entourage.  They need to lose the clutter. To many clowns running around causing distractions and confusion. This is not a Pacquiao bashing session. This is a wake up call.

Wake up man!

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